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ACCUFIT 9000 Mask Fit Tester

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BS EN149
Accufit 9000-2.jpg

ACCUFIT 900 measures leakage ratio of dust concentration quantitatively in and out of mask. To select fitted mask and to check leakage.



· Fit Tests all Full & Half Mask Respirators PLUS most N95 Masks.

· 7” Color Touch Screen

· Stand Alone or PC Operation

· (CNC) Technology

· 4 Language  Options

 · OSHA & CSA Protocol Compliant

· 3 USB Ports + 1 Ethernet

· Integrated Medical Questionairre Technology

· Control up to 4 Units with Single Computer

 * N95 Mask (Particulate Respirator Type  N95) is mask for fine particle which is certified by NIOSH.

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