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LAB FLOW Exposure Control Units

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CH Technologies, USA
Positive Pressure Control Units for Inha
Negative Pressure Control Units for Inha

The LabFlow control unit series offers a wide selection of controls to be mated with the inhalation system of your choice. They are the perfect choice for users that are looking for simple and reliable manual methods to control their inhalation exposures. Our LabFlow control units are equipped with state-of-the-art digital, highly accurate and standard-traceable air flow controllers. With their lightweight aluminum boxes and remarkably small footprint, LabFlow units are ideal for use in cramped spaces. Although they are designed specifically to control our inhalation systems, LabFlow units can be used for other non-related laboratory air flow control applications.

Users operating positive pressure systems can choose between the basic and cost-ffective LabFlow C II, which offers just the core control functions, and the standard LabFlow P II which affords the user the full package of system parameter control and added safety features.

On the high-end of the LabFlow series is the LabFlow V II negative pressure control unit, which is the unit of choice of all our exposure systems used for bioaerosols, infectious diseases and other highly toxic test articles. LabFlow V II is loaded with sophisticated safety features that are paramount for these type of systems, the most important among them being the automatic control of inhalation chamber pressure and outflow. System exhaust is captured and test article residuals removed in a two-stage filtration process. Labflow V II is designed with optional data acquisition and transmission capabilities which, coupled with Process Monitoring software, can be used for supporting and compliance with GLP requirements.


· Manual control of air inputs

· Simple to operate and maintain

· Redundant safety features

· Small footprint and lightweight

· Highly accurate flow controls

· Reliable and cost efficient

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