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47 mm Gravimetric Sampler

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CH Technologies, USA
47mm Gravimetric Sampler.jpg

The 47mm Filter Holder has been the standard general purpose filter unit for a wide variety of scientific sampling applications for over 40 years. This design originated in the air filtration research department of a major university and has been the quality standard for this type of device since 1962.

The key to this device is the application of the overlapping seal principle combined with a very open pore, etched stainless steel screen. The conical shape of the outlet allows for the more homogeneous distribution of the collected material on filter pad, thus avoiding overloading at the center.

The 25mm and 37mm Filter Holders were developed to meet constant requests for these other two standard sizes. The overlapping seal principle has been retained. While the 47mm models have always been threaded ¼ inch NPT, the 25 and 37 mm models use ⅛ inch NPT.


· Light weight anodized Aluminum construction


· Eliminates internal and external leakage problems


· Furnished with custom connectors


· Finely etched stainless steel filter pad support


· Homogeneous material collection

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