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Life Science Instruments for Behavioral Neuroscience Research

Startle Response System

The SR-LAB startle response system is used for measuring startle habituation, pre-pulse inhibition (PPI) and Fear Potentiated Startle (FPS).

Gemini_Active_Passive Avoidance_System.j
Active Passive Avoidance

The GEMINI active and passive avoidance system is uniquely designed to ensure accuracy, reliability and ease of use in your learning and memory studies.

Freeze Monitor System

SDI’s Freeze Monitor system is a fully computerized system designed to study cued and contextual fear conditioning. 

Photobeam Activity-
Home Cage

Get the most accurate qualitative analysis of mouse or rat home cage activity with Photobeam Activity System-Home Cage (PAS-HC).

Photobeam Activity-
Open Field

The PAS-Open Field provides a powerful solution for applications in which qualitative analysis of the subject’s locomotor patterns is necessary.

Place Preference System

Capture every movement of your subject using Place Preference-The only system that allows you to capture x,y positioning of the animal.

Rotor Rod System

Rotor Rod allows you to study motor coordination using the natural fear of falling response with reliability and accuracy.

Rotometer System

The SDI Rotometer test stations are designed to make the animal turn within its own length, which ensures exploratory behavior will not be counted as a rotation. 

Termor Monitor

Execute tremor studies in rats and mice with accuracy and review your data in raw or report format with intuitive, menu-based software.

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