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Photobeam Activity System

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The PAS-Open Field provides a powerful solution for applications in which qualitative analysis of the subject’s locomotor patterns is necessary.

Get the most accurate qualitative analysis of mouse or rat open field activity with Photobeam Activity System (PAS)-Open Field. Your locomotor activity tests will be reliable and accurate with ready format data in a statistics package.

PAS-Open Field stations use a 16 x 16 photobeam configuration that offers the option to utilize a rearing frame and/or floor pokes. To accommodate subjects of different sizes, you will be able to position frame height anywhere on the posts.

In addition, the PAS software used for the open field test accurately records all beam interruptions, central peripheral activity, ambulation movements, fine movements, rearing, pokes and time stamped (x,y) positions—giving you the ability to perform analysis at any level of detail needed. It will also store your data in a single file in a Microsoft Access database, providing exceptionally easy export and analysis.

In addition, unlike competitors, all beam breaks are reported in real time so no special calibrators are required.

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