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Nose Only Exposure Animal Restrainers

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CH Technologies, USA
Nose Only Exposure Animal
Nose Only Exposure Animal Restrainers 2.

Animal Restraining Tubes are available for a multitude of rodent species (Mice, Rats, Guinea Pigs, Ferrets, Hamsters and Rabbits) in a variety of sizes and designations (open & closed), as well as masks and restrainers for canines and non-human primates.


We offers a variety of Plethysmographs for mice, rats, Guinea pigs, ferrets and rabbits that are modified versions of our standard nose-only restrainers. They can be used in conjunction with appropriate pulmonary measurements systems to monitor animals’ pulmonary functions during nose-only inhalation exposure studies.


· Available in open and closed varieties

· Range of sizes to accommodate multiple ages and species

· Quick loading push button restraint lock

· Chemical and temperature resistant


CHT 247: Open, Closed

CHT 249: Open, Closed

CHT 250: Open

CHT 2500: Open, Closed

CHT XXL: Open, Closed

CHT Rabbit: Closed

CHT Ferret: Open, Closed

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