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Collison Nebulizer

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CH Technologies, USA
Collison Nebulizer.jpg

The Collison Nebulizer offered by us was developed by BGI, Waltham, MA, now part of Mesa Labs, based on the original designs of the nebulizer that go back more than 50 years. The Collison Nebulizer, manufactured by Mesa Labs, has long been the recognized technique for the aerosolization of various liquids in a wide array of applications.

Suitable for use with precious liquids, these units are modified to use multiple jets (up to 24) which can be plugged by screws, to selectively control aerosol. The unit may be purchased in horizontal or vertical discharge models. Flange type connectors are standard, which allows attachment to extension tubes, vortex diluters, isokinetic sampling blocks and other innovative generation systems.


In this cutaway view the precious fluids well is visible. Total volume in this chamber is less than one milliliter. Since it is continuously fillable, there is minimal waste of precious fluids


· Vertical or horizontal discharge

· Efficient aerosolization of various liquids

· Wide range of output

· Equipped with safe, shatter-resistant Polycarbonate jar

· Optional Precious Fluids jar

· Optional external fill adaptor

· Reproducible Standardized Performance characteristics

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