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Single Cigarette Smoking Machine

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CH Technologies, USA
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The CSM - SCSM (Manual - Cigarette Smoking Machine) was designed specifically for the analytical and toxicological study of tobacco smoke and e-cigarette vapor. The CSM-SCSM uses a valve-free rotary piston technology to deliver an exact, repeatable puff profile. Its robust design allows for standard preprogrammed regimens, such as FTC, ISO 3308, and CIR, to be easily implemented.

User defined protocols are easily created by the touch of a button, allowing users full control of parameters such as, the puff length, draw rate, and idle burn time. Cigarettes are loaded and removed manually and lit with a typical butane igniter. The CSM-SCSM uses standard cigarette holders with labyrinth seals allowing a variety of cigarette shapes and sizes to be studied.


· Manual cigarette smoking machine for analytical & toxicological studies

· Various protocols, regimens, cigarette sizes, & tests are supported

· Supports FTC, ISO 3308, and Canadian intense regime (CIR) puff profiles

· Side stream “Secondary Smoke” collection capability

· Labview Software allows for custom user defined automated protocols

· Supports combustible tobacco products and e-cigarettes

· High stability, servo controlled, downloadable profile data

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