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Whole Body Inhalation Exposure System

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CH Technologies, USA
Modular BCU Whole Body Exposure Chamber.

The CH Technologies Modular BCU Exposure Chamber is ideal for small-scale whole-body exposure studies. Each individual cage is composed of polysulfone to ensure the maximum resistance to chemicals and heat – this means that these chambers can withstand extreme cleaning cycles over their lifetime.


The cages accommodate up to 10 mice or 5 rats each. The cage design allows for optimal continual mixing of fresh test atmosphere. This minimizes the variation of exposure to each individual animal and leads to results that are more precise. The cages receive test atmosphere from appropriately designed 4, 6, or 9-port manifolds equipped with both a small mixing chamber and an attachment for any CH aerosol generator.


Sampling can be done on a per cage basis or over the entire system allowing researchers full access to the test atmosphere. Quick disconnect fittings allow for easy connection while providing extra security measures by way of their design. Negative pressure systems are also available allowing an additional level of safety if necessary.


The systems utilize custom-built mounting racks that hold up to nine BCU exposure cages. The flexibility this system provides allows for a wide range of test applications.

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