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Nose Only Inhalation Exposure System

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NOIES (CH Technologies, USA)

Our inhalation systems allow direct, nose only exposure of a test aerosol to a number of animals simultaneously. Through the patented aerosol delivery system, a homogenous distribution of the aerosol is achieved. These systems have a modular design, which mean the only limiting factor to the size of tests is the space available to test in.

The NOIES family of devices includes exposure systems for single animal, two to five animal exposure, and tiered modular systems (stackable) for 12, 16 and 18 test subjects per tier. While rats and mice are most often the subjects of Oro-Nasal Aerosol Respiratory Exposure Systems (ONARES) applications, the ONARES technologies for restraint and compound delivery as a size selected aerosol, a gas or a dust/powder can be applied to ferrets, rabbits as well as primates.

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