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30 Port Rotary Smoking Machine

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CH Technologies, USA
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The JB2090 offers a highly versatile cigarette smoking machine designed with significant flexibility so that it can be tailored to support a wide range of in-vivo and in-vitro exposure studies, as well as, cigarette smoke and e-cigarette analytical applications.

The JB2090 features fully automatic cigarette loading, lighting, smoking and ejection. JB2090 is the only rotary cigarette smoking machine in the market that is equipped with a rotating carousel that can smoke up to 30 cigarettes concomitantly according to standard smoking regimen or human puff profiles.

This performance power makes it ideal for applications that require smoking of as little as one single cigarette up to large scale exposure studies requiring large volumetric flows of main stream and/or side stream cigarette smoke. The rotary head is designed according to ISO specifications and allows the user to load the cigarettes in a staggered pattern to achieve a more uniform burning around the carousel.

JB2090 is built in Switzerland with high quality materials and the renowned Swiss precision. Regardless of how non-standard the protocol required by your study, the standard JB2090 smoking machine can be equipped with the appropriate smoking pumps and specialized accessories to suit your needs.


· Automatic Computer Control

· Automatic Ignition of Cigarettes

· Automatic Cigarette Ejection

· Compatible with a variety of puff profiles, including human puff profiles

· Staggered cigarette loading

· Can double as an analytical machine (with appropriate equipment added on)

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