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Wright Dust Feeder

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CH Technologies, USA
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The Wright Dust Feeder has been available to research scientists for almost 60 years, since its development by Martin Wright. The current model, WDF II, is the result of significant improvements made to the original design over the years by BGI, now part of Mesa labs. BGI’s contribution to the technology has been the standardization of stainless steel parts, the small and mini dust chamber, the development of the Venturi outlet for superior deagglomeration, the variable speed motor and the development of the carbide cutter head.


· Carbide cutter head technology

· Available smaller accessory mini-chamber for lower concentrations

· Superior consistency in output characteristics

· Wide output range

· All motor speed selectors are dual voltage and select automatically

· Exceptional deagglomeration characteristics


· Basic Aerosol Research

· Filtration Studies

· Inhalation Research-Lung Physiology, Toxicology Therapy

· Pharmaceutical Aerosols

· Occupational Hygiene-Atmospheric Pollution

· Nuclear Science

· Calibration of Aerosol Samplers and Instruments

· Crop Research, Deposition Studies

· Meteorology

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