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Place Preference System

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Capture every movement of your subject using Place Preference-The only system that allows you to capture x,y positioning of the animal.

SDI’s Place Preference System is the most powerful, flexible and easy to use sytem for measuring the motivational effects of an object or stimuli.  SDI’s Place Preferece System employs a 4×16 photobeam array to precisely record entries into chamber and time in chamber.  In addition, the system accurately records and reposrts standard activity data such as ambulation movements, fine movements and time stamped (x,y) postions.

The Place Preference Control Unit connects to the computer via USB making laptops available to run the system.  The system utilizes a database tos tore all study results in a single file (table) format ready for export.  This eliminates the need to cut and paste multiple files together in order to export study results to statistical packages.

The test enclsoure is designed with clear acrylic walls providing the ability to attach any type of cue.  Removable floors allow the user to create custom floors from virtually any material to meet specific study requirements.  High intensity LED celing lights are long lasting and emit no heat.  Manually operated doors rise fully, providing an unobstructed pathway for the subject to cross between chambers.

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