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Air Permeability
Differential Pressure
IS 16289

Test Face Mask for Air Permeability and Differential Pressure Test with this automatic tester as per IS 16289.

Ear Loop Tensile Strength Test.jpg
Face Mask Ear Loop Tensile Strength Tester

Face Mask Ear Loop Test is performed to test the tensile quality of face mask ear loops.

Medical Clothing Tear Test.jpg
Protective Clothing Tear Strength Tester

This instrument is used to measure the tear strength of Medical Protective Clothing/ Personal Protective Kits.

Bacterial Filteration Test.jpg
Bacterial Filteration Efficiency IS 16288

Test Face Mask for Bacetria and Virus Resistance using Bacteria Filteration Test as per IS 16288.

Breathing Resistance Tester.jpg
Face Mask Breathing Resistance Tester

Face Mask Breathing ResistanceTest is performed to test the breathing resistance of face masks.

Medical Clothing Synthetic Blood Penetra
Protective Clothing Splash Resistance IS 17334

Splash Resistance test is performed to evaluate the splash resistance of protective clothing / PPE kit.

Synthetic Blood Penetration Test.jpg
Splash Resistance 
IS 16289

Splash Resistance test is performed to evaluate the splash resistance of face mask and protective clothing as per IS 16289.


Disinfection Tower.jpg
All-in-One Disinfection Tower

The all-in-one disifection tower is comprehensive solution to general COVID-19 safety needs.

Disinfection Robot.jpg
Spray Disinfection Robot

The Spray Disinfection Robot is fully programmable robot used for Automatic Disinfection of large spaces.

Face Mask Testing Instruments
Protective Clothing Testing
Disinfection Equipment
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