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Modular BCU Whole Body Exposure Chamber.
Whole Body Inhalation Exposure System

The CH Technologies Modular BCU Exposure Chamber is ideal for small-scale whole-body exposure studies.
Nose Only Inhalation Exposure System

The NOIES family of devices includes exposure systems for single animal, two to five animal exposure, and tiered modular systems (stackable) for 12, 16 and 18 test subjects per tier.

Nose Only Exposure Animal
Animal Restrainers for Nose Only Inhalation System 

Animal Restraining Tubes are available for a multitude of rodent species (Mice, Rats, Guinea Pigs, Ferrets, Hamsters and Rabbits).


Collison Nebulizer.jpg
Collison Nebulize

The Collison Nebulizer, manufactured by Mesa Labs, has long been the recognized technique for the aerosolization of various liquids in a wide array of applications.

RBG 1000ID.jpg
RBG Rotating Brush Generator

This instrument is used to generate solid/ powder aerosol for inhalation exposure experiment. It is ideal powder generator for pharmaceutical as we as agrochemical compounds.

BLAM Atomizer.jpg
BLAM Atomizer

The newly developed high output BLAM atomizer uses the jet nebulization principle of the Collison Nebulizer, which has long been the recognized as the technique for the efficient aerosolization of various liquids. 

Single Cigarette Smoking Machine.jpg
CSM-SCSM Single Cigarette Smoke Generator

The CSM - SCSM (Manual - Cigarette Smoking Machine) was designed specifically for the analytical and toxicological study of tobacco smoke and e-cigarette vapor.

Wright Dust Feeder 2.jpg
Wright Dust Feeder

The Wright Dust Feeder has been available to research scientists for almost 60 years, since its development by Martin Wright. The current model, WDF II, is the result of significant improvements made to the original design over the years.

30 Port Rotary Smoking Machine.jpg
30 Port Cigarette Smoke Generator

The JB2090 offers a highly versatile cigarette smoking machine designed with significant flexibility so that it can be tailored to support a wide range of in-vivo and in-vitro exposure studies


Mercer Style 7 Stage Cascade
47mm Gravimetric Sampler

The Mercer-style Cascade Impactor, manufactured by Intox Products, is a seven-stage aerosol sampler used for aerodynamic particle size distribution measurements.

47mm Gravimetric Sampler.jpg
7 Stage Cascade Impactor

The 47mm Filter Holder has been the standard general purpose filter unit for a wide variety of scientific sampling applications for over 40 years. 

Negative Pressure Control Units for Inha
Inhalation Control Panel

The LabFlow control unit series offers a wide selection of controls to be mated with the inhalation system of your choice. 

Inhalation Exposure System
Aerosol Generators
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